pre-Christmas time

12-14-2010 13:00

pre-Christmas time

Hi everybody. As some of you might know I´ve been on the Bahamas to help Mark Knowles with his charity event to raise money for children. It has been a very good couple of days. We raised more money than ever before at that event so everybody was happy. I´m glad to be in a position to help and put a smile on the kids face.

Now I´m back in Florida. It is surprisingly cold here! I had a little cold but I´m good again and back on the court! I had a very good session with Nick yesterday. We´re getting my game ready for next year. We also did a fun thing today by taking the gym stuff outside and simply do my gym workout outdoors Lächelnd It was a good change. By doing things like that it never gets boring!

I will be going back to Germany to spend Christmas there. I´ve also been asked to do a drawing at the Handball game just before a match of “our” team- “The Füchse” from Berlin. The stadium is suppose to be sold out so I think it will be great and I hope to make a good drawing Lächelnd

Hope everybody is doing great and enjoying the pre-Christmas time!


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