German Tennis Award

06-07-2010 12:15

German Tennis Award

Sabine got the German Tennis Award for the category best female player of 2009. The German Tennis Award has been established in 2008 to honor accomplishments and great success of german tennis players.

The categories the award is given to are: "Women Pro", "Mens Pro", "Juniors", "Seniors", "Team" and "Match of the year". There are 5 nominee per category that are nominated by the German Tennis Federation. The jury consists of people representing all national association and many tennis journalists (from the big agencies "dpa" and "sid" as well as the media "Bild", "Die Welt"," ARD Hörfunk", "Tennis Times", "Deutsche Tennis Zeitung", "DSF/Sport1", "Der Tagesspiegel") . This year there were 36 people in the jury.

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